Choose the right glass for every occasion. There are many different products to show clarity and conservation.

A standard 2mm suitable for basic framing requirements.
A diffused reflection glass which has been lightly acid-etched on both sides to give a very smooth even surface suitable for pictures in harsh lighting
This has become the benchmark for UV filtering. Tough UV coating on one side, plain float glass on the other. Reliable and very competitively priced.
Looks and handles like float glass, filters 97%+ UV with no significant colour shift.
WaterWhite glass is completely transparent, made from special glasses with anti reflective coatings (AR) on both surfaces. They are absolutely
colour neutral and reduce reflections to less than 1% . WaterWhite glass is widely used by leading museums and galleries around the world, used
for picture framing where colour reproduction and clarity of image is of the utmost importance. WaterWhite glass can be used any distance off the
artwork without image distortion – perfect for box frames. Please note this glass has NO UV protection.
The ultimate 2mm conservation float glass offering over 92% UV protection. Furthermore, AR (anti-reflective) coatings applied to a colourless
WaterWhite substrate mean this glass is virtually invisible too. Suitable for any number of mounts, including box framing.