Mount Sample


This mountboard is not stocked, but can be used when large quantities are required and price is key. They offer little protection and will fade and discolour over time.
A comprehensive range of 135 conservation mountboard colours. These Artcare boards will NOT fade or bleed and have unique patented molecular traps*. With guarantee of an acid (lignin) content below the maximum levels specified in international standards. *Unlike any other boards, Artcare can actively protect framed items. It is now known that the deterioration of paper and film is caused by the common air pollutants in our atmosphere, often at their most destructive inside buildings rather than outside. Artcare’s unique patented molecular traps, built into its paper structure, are proven to trap these polluting gases and prevent them from attacking the framed piece – significantly extending the life of framed items. That is why Artcare is specified and trusted by museums and collections around the world.
Alpharag Artcare offers all the benifits of conservation mountboard but with the added advantage of being made from 100% virgin cotton which makes it truly acid free. Available in a broad range of 13 classic and subtle colours, Alpharag is constructed of four equal plys and offers superior rigidity and strength.